Self Identity & Career Development

December 11, 20180


Organisations are undergoing enormous changes in their structures and processes as they seek to take advantage of innovations in technology, and remain competitive in the disruptive world.
Self-identity and career development

ESI provides an overview of the personal implications of the changing organisational environment, the need to continuously adapt and learn, manage your career, build up resilience against stress, and to take your place as a good team player – self-identity and career development will help you reach your career and life goals.

ESI Career Development program is designed with structured learning activities to help learners gain comprehensive knowledge of career planning and management, rewarding process of assessing career identity, setting new learning goals and career visions in both your work and social life.

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Bringing joy in your lives

ESI help individuals adapt to rapidly evolving job markets by enhancing self-knowledge and confidence to explore wider career opportunities.

You will receive valuable guidance based on practical suggestions, theoretical models and current empirical evidence in the field of self identity and career development. The learners will be able to create a career development plan, encompassing career goals, skills and knowledge development for current and future jobs, and learn how to make the most of your strengths, talents, and experience.

  • Evaluate current career management issues and their implications on your professional career plans and development.
  • Create strategies and approaches to set new career vision, goals and action plans.
  • Apply knowledge of career models and tools for successful career planning and management.
  • Design a career path that fits personal values, interests, personality, and skills.

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