ESI Organizational Effectiveness Framework®

The ESI Group facilitates and assists in the transformation of corporate operations to accelerate the effectiveness of execution, respond rapidly, and adapt to disruptive change to deliver higher returns to shareholders.

In today’s discruptive business environment, the complex business and leadership issues require nuanced solutions powered by research-based insights and solutions. We help the organizations to:

  • grow sustainably;
  • embrace a digital agenda;
  • cultivate innovation; and
  • engage and empower efficiently the organisational resources to achieve market-leading results with the highest organizational performance and effectiveness.


ESI Leadership & Business Strategy Transformation®

ESI Leadership & Business Strategy Transformation® is created based on the contemporary concept of organisational audit that helps building highly capabilities into leadership and management team and help organization mobilize for change and continuously adapt organisation-wide mission, vision, and strategy for the highly organisational effectiveness and sustainable growth.

Organisational Strategy Assessment

ESI organisational audits focuses on how make the organization aligning to the business strategy: organizational culture and its influences on organizational performance, innovation and agility, talent and engagement.

Organisational Transformation

ESI transformation proposal is based on comprehensive assessment of organisational strategies, core values, leaderships competencies, HR capabilities, and benchmarked against regional norms for a sustainable transformation.


Great leaders create leaders!

The ESI Group helps your organization comprehensively assess and build a strategic organisation and leadership vision of future, starting with organisational brand identity and core values. Once this process is firmly defined through authentic research and in-depth interviews, we begin the transformation work that’s necessary to support the organisational strategy and leadership vision. In order to successfully achieve that, senior leadership team are required to get engagement in organization design, leadership attention and strategic HR development.

Leadership Assessment

Our organizational audits measure specific facets of effective and impactful leadership and organisation and how well your organization’s leadership, strategic capabilities, and strategic HR function meet the expectations of your most important stakeholders.

Executive Leadership Coaching

ESI partners with senior leadership coaches design the most sophisticated dimensions of leadership to help indicate a leader’s current and probable future performance effectiveness through 1:1 and small group coaching.

In today’s uncertain world, leadership and business strategy is mostly based on the success of collaborative leadership navigation. We offer an additional range of leadership coaching and development services tailored to help leaders enhance their most important leadership needs i.e. mastering how to best optimize organization infrastructure, business strategy, leadership, and human resources sources for sustainable development and growth.

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