Parenting Education Program

November 19, 20180


The Needs of Parent Counseling

Parents may need parent counseling if you experience two or more of the following emotions: anxiety from constantly arguing with your child or spouse, feelings that you have to “tiptoe” around your spouse or child just to avoid an argument or temper tantrum, feelings of inadequacy because you cannot control your child’s destructive and/or unhealthy behaviors, ears that your child’s emotional and behavioral problems will intensify as he/she ages, concerns that past traumas will continue to follow your child into adulthood, fears that your past experiences will affect your ability to be a good parent.

ESI counselor will teach you how to work with your child’s teachers, react to your child’s unhealthy or self-destructive behaviors, effectively communicate with your child, manage your child’s psychological issues, cope with stressful situations, improve your parenting skills, set realistic goals, monitor your child’s development and balance parenting and work commitments. The main goal of parenting counselor is to improve your relationship with your child and strengthen your family bond.

“Thankfully, there are a variety of psychological strategies, methods, and techniques that can help you work through your child-rearing issues and improve your relationship with your child”

Being a parent can be quite stressful at times. A variety of issues can arise during parenthood. As a parent, there may be times when you struggle to know what approach to take towards child-rearing. ESI provides solutions throughout the educational lifecycle dedicated to advancing education helping families successfully build up fabulous relationships to reach their goals.

Psychological Issues, Therapy, and Parenting

Parenting can be very stressful, especially if you have a child with psychological issues and/or behavioral problems. You may think that you are not stressed, but in reality, you probably are and just do not know it. It is important to note that stress can manifest in a variety of ways such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, excessive worry, irritability, rage, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.
If you feel overwhelmed with parenting responsibilities or if you have parenting issues that you just cannot resolve, then it is time to seek parenting education or counseling. ESI parent counselor will teach you the tools that you need to successfully confront your fears, improve your communication, cope with stressful situations, resolve conflicts and successfully parent your child.

Emotional and/or psychological issues can make parenting especially challenging. For instance, if you are anxious or depressed, you may find normal parenting challenges more than you can handle. Parenting counseling can help reduce stress, alleviate depression, prevent panic attacks and reduce anxiety. During therapy, you learn how to effectively cope with stress so that you can be the best parent you can be. In addition, if you suffer from anger issues, parenting counseling can help you effectively control your anger so that it does not interfere with your parenting responsibilities.

During therapy, the parent counselor will assign homework so that you can apply what you learned in your counseling sessions to your home life. Your progress will be closely monitored until you have met your parenting goals. It is important to note that your parenting counselor will probably want to meet with both you and the child’s father, if possible. Having both active parents participate in therapy can be highly beneficial in helping your child adjust to a new situation, rules and/or routines.

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