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March 4, 20190

ESI, with experienced educational advisors and educators, can provide comprehensive consulting services on schooling for every age, including day-care and pre-schools at the international, private and public schools in Vietnam. We help families easily compare each school’s curriculum, entrance requirements, and application procedures. This gives a flavor for each establishment and the options that are available to really help focus your selection.

In consultation with your family, we will verify availability of school places, and then arrange for school visits and accompany families where necessary. We also help coordinate the admissions process, acting as a go-between and keeping everyone informed of the application’s status. Changing schools and adapting to an international or local curriculum can have a big impact on a child’s development. So it’s a question of finding the right educational experience for your children.

Educational Profile & Needs Analysis
We have successfully helped many families around the world to find the right schools for their children. We work with placements for individual families and with corporations who are relocating their employees to Vietnam, including specific educational counseling for gifted children, kids with specific needs, and any child whose parents want to make sure your child is in the right educational environment.

School Counseling Services
ESI expert educational advisors and school counselors always look beyond the superficial aspects of a school the pretty campus, the brand new gym, or how popular the schools are, and instead strive to understand a school’s culture, atmosphere, values, and educational environment in order to provide comprehensive counseling to your children. We are committed to the concept of “fit” so that your child can reach his or her full potential. We are able to respond quickly and creatively to the needs of the family and children, help to resolve the challenges facing families when they are facing the prospect of change in a new country.

“Best In Class”
By listening to our clients’ needs we make sure that every child whom we take care will be the best student in class. ESI is strongly committed to educational ethics by hiring and training educational consultant and counselors with high levels of dedication to the best benefits for all students.


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