Youth is the future of every nation and inheritors of the earth tomorrow.

ESI Youth Entrepreneurship Program® (YEP®) is a resource to help youth in Vietnam benefit from high-quality and effective comprehensive global youth entrepreneurship programs adopted in many countries around the world. The ESI YEP® outlines a process for tailoring global programs of YEP to meet the varying needs of students and youth throughout Vietnam.

With ESI YEP® resource, social workers and educators can:

  • learn to use specific data to identify the unique needs of youth entrepreneurship and design a comprehensive youth entrepreneurship program to meet those needs of youth; and
  • recognizes and emphasizes the important roles of the entire society, educational and school community, including principals, school counselors, teachers, parents, students, and local communities.


Youth entrepreneurship has an impact on the social, cultural, and economic progress of society.

ESI Youth Entrepreneurship Program® helps public schools and students gain a solid understanding of entrepreneurship and the benefits of entrepreneurship that the schools have to develop and implement for their students and youth community. Building an environment that promotes creativity and provides opportunities for entrepreneurship calls for multi-pronged strategies implementation and involvement at all levels including government, industry, political, social as well as educational sectors.

Different Types of Youth Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an outcome of a lot of factors including values, beliefs, attitudes, innate spirit, inborn leadership, and influence of the environment, family, skills and many more. Therefore categorization of Youth Entrepreneurs can also be classified into several types based on various factors.

Youth Unemployment and Causes

Youth unemployment is being recognised as one of the problems that could grow into global proportions in the coming years causing social and economical problems for the societies. Youth entrepreneurship is looking at alternative methods of creating employment opportunities, global recognition on a sustained long term basis for Youth entrepreneurship.

Youth Entrepreneurship Building Skills

Leadership is not only a born talent but can be acquired through learning and training too. An ideal entrepreneurial training and studies should include subjects like Entrepreneurship Awareness Building Skills, Entrepreneurial & Personal Empowerment skills, Business Planning, Business Management as well as Personal Empowerment skills.

Building Youth Entrepreneurial Culture

Creating and building a Youth Entrepreneurial culture in society calls for a two-pronged strategy: building awareness and initiating the Youth into the concept of Youth Entrepreneurship is by investing in Entrepreneurship education e.g. Entrepreneurial and Management studies at all levels of education.

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