Empower and motivate youth to higher academic and personal career success.

ESI Youth Career Mentorship Program® (YCM®) supports healthy-decision making in young people by providing them with professional adult mentors through partnerships with the corporate community. We also help assess the impact of targeted recruitment strategies and industrial information that help educational settings in designing curriculum and occupational development for youth.

  • an opportunity to explore a career field they may be interested in, in a cost-effective manner;
  • creating connections with youth and the “real world” experience;
  • identifying which careers are of higher interest to youth vs. which careers would be available to them upon graduation; and
  • supporting the collection and analysis of information regarding career preferences for youth.


Empower and motivate youth to higher academic and personal career success.

ESI Youth Career Mentorship Programs help students and youth gain a solid understanding of the labor market, employment, and career preparation. With the distinct education system and culture of Vietnam, the ESI Youth Career Mentorship Program is to ensure that students are prepared for post-secondary education, trade schools, or entry-level professional success through developing professional communication skills, knowledge about the college application process, knowledge about career fields, soft-skills for career development, and self-efficacy for personal and professional problem-solving and goal-setting.

Self-Efficacy & Employability

Our program outcomes focus on the development of your self-efficacy and the effectiveness of increasing understanding of career pathways and training opportunities and requirements for youth through the effectiveness of the mentor/mentee pairing approach and the success factors for youth future career and training pathways.

Explore a Career Field

The ESI Youth Career Mentorship Program helps youth easily access information on employment, health, schooling resources, certifications and training, and a range of other resources to improve the employability, leverage all resources to connect youth with current and future employers.

Connect with Real Experience

The ESI Youth Career Mentorship Program allows youth, both locally in Vietnam and in surrounding countries, an opportunity to increase their employability and create educated decisions about post-secondary studies and other training opportunities and pathways.

Learn & Gain Valuable Skills

We help youth learn and gain valuable skills through the incorporation of mentor/mentee matching and training, post-secondary outreach programs, and work shadowing and career coaching experiences. Mentors and mentees are screened using evidence-based assessment methods shown to effectively pair mentorship program participants.

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