Vishal Ganguli is an international educator with over fourteen years of working experience with various roles as French Teacher, IB Coordinator, Vice Principal, and Head of Secondary.

Vishal has been working with many international schools around the world, in particular the development and implementation of IB framework and curriculum and evaluation process for IB, WASC, CIS accreditation. He has acts as CIS school evaluation team member and has presented at many international conferences.

A true leader is also a Multiplier, someone who gives various opportunities to his staff members to witness their leadership traits, qualities, abilities by developing an educational institution through initiatives and innovative methods.

Philosophy of Education: An effective 21st century education is the key to a person’s life and for an education to be effective, inclusive and meaningful, it is very important for a school to provide caring, innovative and solution based education such as STEM, for each student to be prepared for the present, the future and for the unknown global challenges that await them. The ultimate goal of Education in this ever-changing context of daily life is that the growth of a student who is a constant learner, is no more limited to only academics therefore in this learning process each student develops consciously individual values, attitudes, characteristics that help each other to become individuals who have unlimited potential to create a better and a fair world for everyone.

Philosophy of Learning: Every learner is talented and has his or her own style of learning through different learning capabilities and our role as, a school community, should provide extensive support, care so that every student gets fostered for various opportunities in order to prove their learning in various academic contexts.

I believe that these opportunities must be thoroughly guided by every teacher through solution-based approach and student data tracking system to modify teaching by serving different learning needs in and out of classrooms. As a school, creating the culture of values, appreciation and feedback ensure that students experience their learning, feel proud of their uniqueness, and motivated to maximise their achievements during their stay in school.

Philosophy of Leadership: In my belief an effective Leadership is based on an effective team Leader, an individual, who guides the academic team and ensures that the team achieves maximum from the purpose delivered to the community by being an honest, an example, and an integral individual dedicated to a school’s all-round development. At the same time, a true Leader is someone who always listens, understands, learns, and acts quickly by responding to the needs of community.

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Brief BioVishal Ganguli, M.Ed

  • Education & Expertise
  • Awards & Honours
  • Certificate in School Management and Leadership, Harvard University, USA
  • BA in English, Annamalai University, India
  • PG Certificate Educational Leadership Leicester University, UK
  • PGCE Nottingham University, UK
  • M.Ed. Educational Leadership, University of Bath, UK (in progress)
  • School Visiting Team Member, Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • MYP Examiner, Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • DP Examiner for French AB and Written Assignment
  • IBEN DP Workshop Leader for Language Acquisition
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