Research has proved a variety of factors of physical, emotional, social/personal, and economic barriers that have significant impact on students’ learning and lives. ESI adopts the best practices of school counseling from authentic studies and initiatives around the world, especially the ASCA National Standards for Students from the United States to support schools, families and students in Vietnam to reduce school violence, bullying, and student’s mental health and social/personal development.

The ESI Group has been conducting several studies and will continue collaborating with global and local Vietnamese Counselors Community to do more research on an effective model of professional school counseling. We are ambitious to create an ESI Professional School Counseling Program® for public schools in Vietnam to improve the school counseling quality, students’ academic, mental health and emotional/personal development.

ESI Professional School Counseling Program®

The ESI professional school counseling programs help public schools and students gain solid understanding of school counseling and the benefits of school counseling that the schools have to develop and implement for their students. With the distinct education system and culture of Vietnam, the ESI helps public schools in Vietnam develops some fundamental frameworks and programs based on the framework of ASCA as the first phrase of its ongoing research on this education issue.

Learning & Career Development

ESI partners with educators and school counselors  provide comprehensive learning and career development for young and senior students in K-12 schools and post-secondary educational settings i.e. colleges, universities., and adults.

Learning Abroad Counseling

ESI partners with many educational organisations worldwide seeking for quality education programs for Vietnamese students. We offer a full service package of learning and career development counseling to ensure every family and student we help make the best choice in their academic and future life.

Students' Wellbeing

Students’ Wellbeing is identified as the most important factor in students’ academic achievement. It is also a standard measure schools’ effectiveness and students’ mental health and emotional/social development.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

School safeguarding, child protection and students’ wellbeing have been identified as the fundamental standards in international education worldwide. ESI partners with experienced educators and experts supports public schools in Vietnam improve school’s effectiveness and meet global education standards.

The ESI & Professional School Counseling in Vietnam

The ESI Professional School Counseling Program (PSCP®) is a resource to help students in public schools in Vietnam benefit from high-quality and effective comprehensive school counseling programs adopted in many developed countries. The 1st version of ESI PSCP® outlines a process for tailoring school counseling programs of ASCA to meet the varying needs of students in public school throughout Vietnam. With ESI PSCP® resource, a school counselor in public school can learn to use their school specific data to identify the unique needs of their school and design a comprehensive school counseling program to meet those needs of their students. The ESI PSCP® recognizes and emphasizes the important roles of the entire educational and school community, including principals, school counselors, teachers, parents, students, and local communities.

The ESI continues further research on an effective model of schools counseling to provide a developmental framework for a school counseling program curriculum that includes activities at every grade level to enhance students’ educational, career, personal, and social development like the ASCA model of the United States.