Shining Pearls Academy

Shining Pearls Academy is founded by experienced educators with primary purpose providing learning opportunity for Vietnamese children to learn in a hands-on setting, which is designed to cater to each child’s individual needs and unique personality through contemporary educational themes and concepts that inspire children’s curiosity and excitement, and motivate them to work with materials independently.

Shining Pearls Academy curriculum is designed on the basis of comprehensive development core for children from 12 to 5 years old with Vietnam’s preschool program and advanced educational programs such as Montessori, Glen Doman, Shichida. We believe that children will acquire the best of knowledge through active learning methods such as hands-on experience, group work and exploring the natural world around them, in which family is an indispensable component along with the school as a companion in the learning of children. Discovery is an important part of the learning process kids’ awareness development through identifying objects, people, and situations while playing.

Teaching methods for preschool children “play and learn” is a great tool for children to learn through experiences with sand, water, building blocks, plays, toys on the table, art materials, and sounds. Music, outdoor games, computers and games all contribute to the development of children. Play activities encourage exploration and experimentation, stimulate curiosity and imagination, and shape children’s ability to think and solve problems. In addition, play also gives children the opportunity to practice language and collaborate with each other, helping children develop mental and physical motor skills; at the same time improve social interaction.

All activities are designed by Shining Pearls Academy to help children become confident, open-minded students in communication and love to explore for learning. Shining Pearls Academy helps children confidently express their ideas to others through activities appropriate to the level of development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in as many languages ​​as possible. Shining Pearls curriculum includes math, science, social studies, language and culture, art, music, physical education, library skills and technology.

Kids at Shining Pearls Academy are not only well cared for about nutritional health, but the school’s curriculum is designed to help children develop comprehensively through learning and practicing life skills necessary for life. real social life such as: self-service skills (personal self-hygiene, self-arranging blankets when waking up, self-feeding, self-dressing, self-folding, self-washing, self-study), self-protection skills (know how to distinguish danger, know how to handle falling, know how to handle wounds, know how to stay away from dangerous places), skills of self-reliance (life skills), teach children to stand up by themselves, how to cook simple dishes at home alone, how to distinguish what foods can be eaten, how to go to school by themselves, how to prepare utensils upon arrival school.

Other skills such as communication skills also help children express themselves and express their ideas to others to understand and develop the habit of thanking, apologizing, sharing, caring, loving the community, skills when communicating with parents, grandparents, skills to communicate with friends, and skills to communicate with strangers.

Eligibility & Admission Requirements

Shining Pearls Academy is legally established based on the Pre-school Education Standards of the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam and combined with the contemporary teaching and learning methodologies of Montessori. Shining Pearls Academy borrowed the words of educator George Carlin as the basis for the philosophy of teaching children to study at school:

Not just teach children to read … but teach them to discover for themselves what they have read. “Don’t just teach your children to read … Teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.

At our Shining Pearls Academy, kids get to know English with experienced ELL/ESL teachers of pre-school learners. We believe that music will help stimulate the comprehensive psychological development of children; at the same time bring joy and liveliness to the young soul, help the children have moments of relaxation and discovery.