OvidStrengths® Finder

OvidStrengths® Finder helps the individual to:

  • understand your uniqueness and power that enable you to identify who you are;
  • build highly capabilities into personal core values and strengths;
  • mobilize for change, personal development, and transformation; and
  • continuously adapt career and social life’s goals and objectives for highly personal excellence and success.

A holistic approach to maximize personal strengths and values.

ESI Leadership Competency Framework 2021b


Looking for StrengthsFinder to Transform Yourself?

Take your OvidStrengths assessment.

Your customized OvidStrengths reports and guides will give you “Aha” moment as you experience new ways to understand what makes you so unique. Millions of people around the world use Strengths reports to maximize their potential at work and lives.

OvidStrengths assessment helps individuals understanding their strengths unlocks their potential and leads them to greater performance for successful careers and lives.

Pretty teenage African American girl is student in modern high school. She is smiling while looking at the camera as she enters class. Girl is holding notebook and wearing a backpack. She has natural curly hair. Diverse classmates are taking exam at desks in background.

Maximize personal potentials for excellence and success through:

  • Identifying and refining your personal core values.
  • Analyzing your potentials and enhancing your strengths aligning with your career and life’s goals.
  • Optimizing and maximizing your core values to deliver on your career and lives’ objectives.
  • Providing a strong foundation of the structure, systems, and processes that support and sustain your goals and objectives for career and lives’ success.

Talent is one of the key success factors of any organization.

We can help to create a talent development strategy that enhances the leadership and management capabilities, organizational performance and individuals growth.

Our targeted solutions include:

  • Organizational culture and leadership analysis
  • Talent acquisition and retention strategy development
  • Leadership and talent optimization
  • Talent and team structures and performance
  • Talent creativity and talent agility enhancement
  • Talent and business and decision-making process evaluation and modeling
  • Organization restructuring or realignment


Identify your strengths to achieve your personal career and life goals.

We help individuals successfully identify their strengths for the best optimal paths and practices to success and design the most fitting careers and social lives to enhance personal competitive advantages.

Behavioral Assessment

Our EFPA-certified Behavioral Assessment is an untimed and stimulus-response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs that helps leaders and managers understand what makes their employees and candidates promote the company and their job satisfaction.

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive Assessment™ identifies candidates with a high potential for successful on-the-job performance by measuring their cognitive agility. Our cognitive assessment is also an indicator of trainability for positional at all levels in an organization.

Job Matching Test

Our Job Assessment™ identifies what the ideal candidate looks like for any role. The Job Assessment uses behavioral and cognitive tests to benchmark with ‘job targets’ that enable hiring managers to ease the hiring process and create a talent pool for the company.

Motivation Test

The Motivation Test helps individuals, leaders, and managers identify the values and priorities which are related to self-awareness and intrinsic motivation at work. This test also helps employers better retain talent through increasing job motivation and satisfaction.

Personality Trait® Test

Personality Trait® Test identifies individual strengths, ideal roles, and improvement opportunities. This test also helps individuals identify their potential in improving teamwork and collaboration, and greatly improving the quality of interviews and selection decisions.


Skill-Map™ can be used as an individual assessment tool, and it also can be used for team skill mapping: it can generate the Skill Matrix, which is a group report that enables an overview of the skill levels in the team with the competency level information for the entire team or unit.