Research-based and integrated diagnostic system for organizational transformation.

Ovid® Assessment Central is the latest initiative of the ESI Institute of Management with several global partners. The Ovid® Assessment Central is led by Dr. Steve Pham and his partners with intensive knowledge PhD and experience in the field of future leadership and organizational transformation

We’re proud to help organizations in Vietnam and SEA region to support their people and improve their performance through a focus on organizational strategy and culture change, leadership development, and team building.

  • optimize talent management through right talent hiring
  • enhance organizational effectiveness through visionary leadership and management
  • optimize human resources through contemporary people and career development
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Organization and leadership assessments for sustainable transformation.

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Organization Audits

Measure organizational strategy and culture, levers for organizational strategy and cultural change, and outcomes of culture, including organizational structures, customer service styles, and quality of service, with our authentic organizational audits.

Leadership Assessments

Measure leadership and management impact and effectiveness, as well as C-Suite leaders’ capacities and managerial strategies, competencies, and styles, with our comprehensive assessments for leadership development model.

360-Degree Assessments

The most broadly deployable and scalable 360-degree feedback solution is a comprehensive approach to identify key strengths and improvement opportunities while facilitating targeted qualitative feedback at the same time for all stakeholders in an organization.

ESI assessments are contemporary research-based initiatives.


Preserved credibility by designing action-based research tests and the integrity of virtual assessments by using our AI-based modern technology.


Safeguarded the confidential data of candidates, assessments and proctors, using our advanced security features.


We can conduct hundreds of assessments in a day. Only Ovid® Assessment Central’s robust platform can support such scale.


Optimize your organization and people capacities

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People analytics for development and success.

Ovid® Assessment Central specializes in measuring and developing:

  • organizational strategy and cultures
  • leadership strategies
  • team synergies; and
  • talent and individual behavioral styles

We work with consultants, leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, parents, students, and organizations (including educational settings) of all types and sizes in Vietnam and other countries around the globe.

OvidStrenghts® Finder

OvidStrenghts® Finder helps individuals understand personality traits and competencies that young and adult people can maximize their full potential in their behaviors and relationships, learning and development, future of work and life.

Talent Assessments

Our holistic talent assessment tools scientifically measure the core talent traits and behaviors that consist of behavioral assessments, cognitive assessments, technical and communication skills assessments for talent hiring and development.

Employee Engagement

The objective of this assessment is to capture the most typical and universal individual diverse needs at work that relate to the complex motivation mix of people to enhance organizational culture and management efficiency, and personal career development.

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Explore latest global trends in leadership and talent management.

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