Global Professional Development (GPD®)

The ESI Group collaborates with Casey Reason Inc. has served numerous public and private sector clients in developing digital and blended learning strategies and training solutions. With seven published books and over two decades of experience, Dr. Reason’s Leadership for Pinnacle Performance Curriculum is extensive.  Depending on the length of the training or engagement, here are a few of the potential training priorities: Leadership Styles: Discovered, Defined, and Declared; Shared, High Performance Cultures; Innovation–Not Just Change; Teams in Learning Organizations; Supervision and Learning; Vision and Goal Setting; Winning Habits; Time—Management and Leverage; Energy, Optimism, and Momentum; Sticky Networks; Adjustments on the Move; Plateau Disruption and Rare Air Results; The Next BEST 100 Days!.

Leadership for Pinnacle Performance

Pinnacle Performance Leaders have the ability to consistently help the groups they serve achieve their best possible results.  This learning experience directly reveals the specific strategies leaders can use in creating a dynamic organizational culture capable of encouraging the very best in individual and collective human performance. Powered by decades of research in brain and human performance science, this training helps produce leaders who have a more powerful and productive influence on those they serve.

Pinnacle Performance Teams!

Just putting people together in a group does not create a team.  Truly impactful organizations understand that Pinnacle performing teams demonstrate an evolved set of skills and abilities.  Powered by Dr. Reason’s Pinnacle Performance curriculum, this engaging learning experience uses the most essential findings of the science of human performance and translates it into easily actionable team behaviors to produce outstanding results.

Inside PLCs at Work!

PLCs, or Professional Learning Communities represent a very well-researched and successful approaches to system reform in schools.  PLCs use leadership and very specific and strategic teaming strategies to drive innovation, continuously.  Most importantly, the PLC model is focused on the most important element of all—results!  This session brings audiences the most essential elements of a PLC and prepares them for deep implementation.  Dr. Reason also wrote a book with Solution Tree co-founder with PLC concept co-founder, Dr. Richard DuFour.

Safeguarding and Child Protection in Schools

In Vietnam, public awareness of matters relating to safeguarding and child protection continues to grow, as the whole context rapidly expands due to changes in society and, particularly, new technology. Safeguarding begins with preventative education and activities which enable children and young people to grow up safely and securely in circumstances where their development and wellbeing is promoted. It includes support to families and early intervention, which refers specifically to the activity that is undertaken to protect individual children or young people who are suffering, or likely to suffer harm.

Casey Reason Inc.

Dr. Casey Reason earned his Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University in Leadership Studies as a Dan Douglas Scholar. The author of seven books, he has over two decades of experience as a keynote speaker, trainer, and executive leadership coach. His specialization is helping leaders from a variety of work settings learn to consistently create dynamic, motivated organizational cultures ideal for innovation. He’s coached CEOs, led C-Suite leadership training and provided high-impact aspiring leadership training for companies like American Express, General Dynamics, and Origami Owl. His first book was endorsed by Dr. Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager. You can refer a full profile of Casey Reason Inc. in the Partners and Team List under the About Us of this website.

Eligibility & Admission Requirements

The ESI-Casey Reason Inc. Global Professional Development (GPD®) is designed for educational leaders and school operational managers who want to explore the contemporary knowledge and skills of school administration. English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.0 is required in all courses at our ESI School of Business. Learners can contact the ESI admissions team for assistance if they have any problems of language but still want to take the courses.

All courses organised by our ESI School of Business require the learners achieve an average test score of at least 70% to meet the minimum successful completion requirement and qualify to receive a certification from ESI-Casey Reason Inc. Learners will have three attempts at all graded assessments.