Global CEO® Certification Program

The ESI Institute of Management collaborates with various business schools, corporates and experts to design and offer the most contemporary Global CEO® certifications in Vietnam and the SEA region for business leaders globally (CEOs and senior managers) and aspiring business leaders who are looking to build upon existing qualifications and business experience which focuses on mastering how to best optimise all business resources for success.

The program is designed with blended teaching and learning methodologies that help the learners successfully complete the course and successfully apply comprehensive knowledge and skills in the “real world” of business and workplace.

Associate Certified CEO® (aCEO®)

The Associate Certified CEO® (aCEO®) is designed to help young leaders propel their C-suite career growth by developing strategic management, leadership, and confidence to successfully operate the business in today’s disruptive world. The previous experience (as a CEO) is not required in this program.

Professional Certified CEO® (pCEO®)

The Professional Certified CEO® (pCEO®) is designed for country-based leaders, validates senior-level leaders’ competency and business and management principles in strategy, policy development and service delivery in a single national setting. At least one year of experience in a CEO position is required.

Master Certified CEO® (mCEO®)

The Master Certified CEO® (mCEO®) demonstrates the mastery of all aspects of management and leadership, including regional business laws and regulations, regional business ethics and people management and leadership. At least one year of experience (as a CEO) at a regional organisation is required.

Global Certified CEO® (gCEO®)

The Global Certified CEO® (gCEO®) demonstrates strategies of globalization development of business initiatives, global management and leadership that support organizational global growth. At least three years of experience in a professional-level CEO position is required.

Eligibility & Admission Requirements

The CEO Certifications Program offered by The ESI Institute of Management helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers gaining knowledge and experiences in strategic management, leadership, and people management through contemporary curriculum design and highly qualified instructors. This program is designed with unique blended teaching and learning model giving learners with different background and learning styles the maximum flexibility of “study anywhere and whenever”.

The CEO Certifications Program consists of five modules including a practical Capstone Project. The four initial modules leveraging contemporary resources from various global schools of business and leading business journals ensure the program reflects emerging global best practice. The final module (Capstone Project) will provide an opportunity to work with an executive coach to apply everything the learners have learned to the real world of business, the workplace.

The program’s duration is approximately 220 to 300 hours of study, which can be undertaken at the learners’ own pace over 12 months. English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.0 is required in all courses at our ESI Institute of Management. Learners can contact the ESI admissions team for assistance if they have any problems of language but still want to take the courses.