Work Motivation

Date(s) - 11/08/2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


One of the biggest challenges many organizations and leaders have faced recently is the loss of motivation in work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing and remote working have added a significant strain to individual, team, and organizational motivation.

In this webinar hosted by CBS-Massey Vietnam Program, global leadership and strategic management forward-thinker and the Dean of ESI Institute of Management, Dr. Steve Pham explains the science behind work motivation, employee engagement through the I/O psychology perspectives.

Steve also covers how to take those practices to your organizations and remote teams during this crisis time, some real-life examples of how he led project teams and new managers successfully enhanced work motivation and utilized those motivation theories and tactics to maximize employee performance.

This webinar I/O Psychology Work Motivation covers:

• How motivation and performance works
• The impact of social distancing and remote work on employee motivation
• How to drive performance and motivate employees in today’s environment

Need more tips on work motivation and talent management strategies in crisis time? Check out this webinar on HR initiatives and contact us for further consultancy on talent and motivation assessment tools.


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