ESI Organization-Person Fit Framework®

Our Employee Engagement Assessment is designed based on the Organization-Person Fit framework that enables every stakeholder in an organization to:

  • identify the company’s core values and culture for alignment;
  • identify individual’s core values and build highly capabilities into position;
  • enhance personal strengths to achieve organizational common goals;
  • mobilize for change, development, and transformation; and
  • continuously adapt organization-wide mission, vision, and strategy for the highly organizational effectiveness and sustainable growth.

Employee Engagement survey helps measure behavioral skills, interpersonal skills, domain knowledge, and more.


Enhance the O-P core values to maximize the employee engagement.

Organizational and individual job satisfaction starts with “how to identify and match the core values?

Since most organizations and individuals are struggling in identifying the core values, the organizational strategies and individual job satisfaction are misaligned and unable to deliver optimal results.

Before creating an organizational vision and mission and individual success path, we help companies and their employees crystalize their core values and examine how effectively their core values, culture, and beliefs to be integrated into their daily work-life. Then, we help them put the right peopleprocesses, and structure in place to achieve both the organizational common goals and personal growth.

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Identify hidden strengths and blind spots in workplace through:

  • Refining or redefining the organization’s and individual’s core values.
  • Analyzing the organizational strategy and creating cultural alignment with it across all stakeholders.
  • Optimizing individual and team performance to deliver on the organizational strategy.
  • Providing a strong foundation of the structure, systems, and processes that support and sustain execution for organizational competitive advantages.

Employee experience has significant impact on the organisational effectiveness.

We can help to create a talent development strategy that enhances the leadership and management capabilities, organizational performance and individuals growth.

Our targeted solutions include:

  • Organizational culture and leadership analysis
  • Talent acquisition and retention strategy development
  • Leadership and talent optimization
  • Talent and team structures and performance
  • Talent creativity and talent agility enhancement
  • Talent and business and decision-making process evaluation and modeling
  • Organization restructuring or realignment


Enhance the employees' job sastisfaction in the most efficient ways.

Employee engagement assessment is vital when organizations need to adopt a holistic approach for performance review, training needs identification, succession planning, leadership development, and so on. It is also important for identifying hidden strengths and blind spots in employee performance and behavior.

360-Degree Assessments

360-Degree Assessments uses the I/O Psychology model to help leaders and managers identify the best optimal paths and practices to success and design the most fitting organization to enhance individuals’ capacities and organizational competitive advantages.

Motivation Test

The Motivation Test helps individuals, leaders, and managers identify the values and priorities which are related to self-awareness and intrinsic motivation at work. This test also helps employers better retain talent through increasing job motivation and satisfaction.

Employee Experience Survey

Employee Experience Survey collects inputs from the employees and provides real-time analytics to allow leaders and managers to successfully identify strengths for effective transformation, and promote a culture of inspiration and innovation for a growing millennial workforce.

Team Effectiveness Survey

The team effectiveness survey identifies the universal behaviors and group dynamics of teams that mark team development and team maturity. This survey provides a systematic evaluation of the success factors of a high-performance team in different projects or contexts.

Organizational Effectiveness Audits

ESI organizational effectiveness assessment uses the most sophisticated dimensions of I/O Psychology in management to help clarify the current and probable performance effectiveness of an organization through comprehensive assessment criteria and processes.

Organizational Culture Assessment

ESI organizational culture audits focus on how to design the organization aligning to the business strategy through I/O Psychology framework: organizational culture and its influences on organizational competitive advantages, innovation and agility, talent, and engagement.