Cross-Cultural & Relocation Counseling

The ESI Group Global Education Recruitment® services for bilingual and international schools needing various Western staff members. We are fast becoming an established leader in identifying and recruiting the top talent for bilingual and international school programs throughout Vietnam. We understand that our success in leadership search service is definitely built on the success of prospective school leaders and educational settings.

Building a successful partnership with your prospective school is a key part of our proven process which has been built on our many years of experience by our senior education recruitment team. Ultimately, our experience, connections and personal touch have enabled us to connect great schools with great leaders.

ESI Global Education Recruitment®

The cross-cultural and relocation counseling is an integrated part of the ESI Global Education Recruitment®. The ESI Group partners with global and local relocation firms in providing reliable inclusive relocation services encompass the necessary formalities and procedures with the comprehensive guide for new families effectively manage the whole relocation and exparitation processes.

Country Market Intelligence

Extensive data and intelligence related to the in-depth knowledge, trends and market understanding of international education within Vietnam specifically.

International Education Experience

ESI with leadership experience in IB, AP, UK, and Canadian education systems and years of successful leadership placement.

International Connections

Global connections to international schools and leadership candidates through years of recruiting and consulting which can be tapped to support our search.

Professionally Personal Touch

High degree of personal attention through every stage of the search, responsive communication and high collaboration.

ESI is a Trusted Partner of Expatriate Community in Vietnam

We can help connect you with your dream role in your specific location, anywhere in Vietnam. Simply share us about your experience and what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch when the right opportunities arise. We are strongly committed to the school safeguarding and child protection.

What We Can Help

ESI’s partners, global trusted relocation and shipping companies, real estates agencies and legal firms have helped hundreds of expatriates facilitate the complex relocation process and successfully relocate into Vietnam.

ESI senior international educators and school management leaders who have huge experience of international schools in Vietnam have helped hundreds of expatriates’ families successfully find the right school for their children and happily live in Vietnam.

If you have a spouse or partner who is not an educator, we require a Partner Statement. This document serves as your spouse or partner’s introduction to international school recruiters. This document is not required if your spouse or partner not accompany you to Vietnam.

Most expatriates from the United States, Canada, Australia or other country stipulating global taxation always have matter in global tax filings. ESI partners with reliable ta firms and experts help to resolve this problem.

Global Safer Recruitment

In support of our mission to partner with quality international schools and exceptional educators to serve and enrich learning worldwide, we at ESI recognize our responsibility to adopt and promote practices designed to protect children in our partner schools (and beyond) from harm. We are committed to taking all reasonable steps to safeguard the welfare of children.

We adopt all the International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP)’s Recommended Screening and Assessment Practices and the Child Protection Law of Vietnam that are appropriate for the specific role we, as a recruiting agency, play in the recruiting process. In addition to providing information on our educator candidates that is relevant to schools’ screening and evaluation practices, we also promote awareness and updates on developments in school safeguarding and child-safe recruiting practices at our recruitment services.

Successfully Relocate and Happily Work and Live in Vietnam with ESI

The ESI Global Education Recruitment® is created to support international individuals and families by providing useful and practical information about the Vietnam country and the comprehensive process of relocation to Vietnam. We are committed to international education and business ethics ensure everyone has everything they need before they arrive to and after settlement in Vietnam with comprehensive relocation and expatriation procedures, cross-cultural orientation, and international school search.