Engage and empower efficiently the organisational resources to achieve market-leading results.

The ESI Group facilitates and assists in the transformation of corporate operations to accelerate the effectiveness of execution, respond rapidly, and adapt to disruptive change to deliver higher returns to shareholders.

The ESI Transformation® Toolkit is created based on the contemporary concept of organizational audit that helps organizations, leaders, and managers to enhance their performance through:

  • building highly capabilities into leadership and management team;
  • enhancing organizational adaptability for change and crisis management;
  • initiating organizational and people creativity to boost effectiveness and sustainability.
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Leverage organization and leadership vision to achieve organization common goals.


Strategy & Leadership Transformation

In today’s VUCA business environment, the complex business and leadership issues require nuanced solutions powered by research-based insights and solutions that enable the organizations and leaders to grow sustainably: embrace a digital agenda, cultivate innovation.

Competency Framework Development

The ESI Group collaborates with the Skills Base® Australia to provide the Competency Framework Development® services for large-scale corporates and SMEs. Skills Base is an ideal permanent solution for managing the skills within your organization: skills management data and report on it on a daily basis.

HR Strategy & People Development

People & HR strategy is at the core of the work ESI has been leading for decades that provides a comprehensive roadmap for organizations and senior leadership in leveraging human capital to move the business forward and empowers to prioritize HR resources to best support business success.

ESI consulting services are contemporary research-based initiatives.

Innovative Solutions

We offer globally authentic expertise from our exceptional leadership and team members in management consulting and educational services to enhance effectiveness.

Global Standards

Providing quality services to help educational settings, corporates, and individuals (young and adult) to develop, transform, and thrive for sustainable growth, success, and happiness.


Highly global associations and experienced partners and consultants deliver realistic and innovative solutions to a variety of challenging business and organization contexts.


People and HR analytics for successful organizational change and transformation.

Learning & Development Digitlization

ESI Learning & Development Digital Transformation® is created based on the contemporary concept of organizational development (talent development) that helps to build high capabilities into leadership and people for organizational change, development, and sustainable growth.

Cross-Cultural & Relocation Counseling

The ESI Group partners with global and local relocation firms in providing reliable inclusive relocation services encompass the necessary formalities and procedures with the comprehensive guide for new families to effectively manage the whole relocation and expatriation processes.

Global HRIS Platform

ESI collaborates with Cadena, originated in The Netherlands, headquartered in Singapore, provide technology innovation and deep industry and business process expertise. Cadena is recognized as the leading tech firm of the Human Resource Information Systems in Southeast Asia.



Explore latest global trends in organizational transformation, leadership, people and HR analytics.

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