Engage students in “life roles including learner and worker”.

Workforce projections call for graduating secondary students to have at the least some postsecondary education to fulfill the demands of work. With the distinct education system and culture of Vietnam, ESI helps public schools in Vietnam develop some fundamental frameworks and programs based on the framework of ASCA to:

  • recognize each student’s unique interests, abilities, and goals, which will lead to future opportunities;
  • collaborate with students, families, educational staff, and the community to ensure all students select a postsecondary path to productive citizenry appropriate for the student; and
  • help students possess the skills and knowledge needed to qualify for and succeed in their chosen field in their higher education or career.


Demonstrate the skills and knowledge that students need for success in their chosen field.

Career education begins in early primary and is exemplified by students who are knowledgeable about options and are prepared to enroll and succeed in any postsecondary experience without the need for remediation.

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Career Development Counseling

ESI partners with educators and school counselors to help students understand the connection between school and the world of work, plan the transition from school to postsecondary education and/or the world of work, and advise on multiple postsecondary pathways.

Internship Advancement Counseling

ESI experts help students by introducing careers and the world of work beginning in lower elementary grades, providing opportunities to engage students in “life roles including learner and worker”, and providing learning and experiential opportunities for students to acquire behaviors and skills for career readiness.