ESI Institute of Management is a leading business consultancy and education organization with highly experienced consultants, lecturers, and partners performing meticulous research for every conference and workshop to ensure that the most significant and up-to-date topics are comprehensively covered. In order for the delivery of high-level conferences and masterclasses, ESI is actively looking for highly competent speakers who are leaders in their professional areas.

We are proud of our learning community’s commitment to our values of Inspiration, Excellence, and Community and our dedication to work together for the best interests of clients’ sustainable growth.

How you define the best employer?

ESI Institute of Management promotes an excellent and happy workplace that enables all stakeholders to successfully learn and grow. A happy workplace fosters and creates fabulous values and community for sustainability and success.

Make a connection with us if you are a dynamic organization. We will organize an opened meeting sharing our ESI shared vision and educational philosophy to ensure your organization gain a solid understanding of who we are and how we can work together create values for all stakeholders and communities.

We also consider a strategic win-win partnership after we clearly understand how we can work together to create values. ESI offers comprehensive consultancy services and executive education (UpSkill & ReSkill) programs for our clients through the “Excellence” and “Growth” mindset.

What are the benefits to become our co-host?

ESI events, including informational events such as ESI TALKSHOW®, workshops, conferences, and annual events such as the ESI Leadership Excellence® Awards, ESI HR Excellence® Awards will be organized to recognize the reputation of ESI partners and clients and the community.

By becoming our co-host or sponsor, this is a unique opportunity to promote your company brand, your products, and your services, to ESI members and the community. ESI provides maximum marketing exposure both prior to and during the event.

How to make connection with us?

Defining happiness is really hard but dedicated educators know what it is. Our ESI Institute of Management welcomes both senior and young dynamic partners who have a strong passion for executive education.

The ESI Institute of Management and all its staff members are committed to the Institute of Management Safeguarding and Vietnam Educator Ethics. Please make a Conversation with us or send your profile and supporting documents to Dr. Steve Pham, Dean of ESI School of Business at

Flexible full-time, part-time, and hourly working terms
As an ESI Institute of Management Instructor, we will discuss and agree on the teaching schedule an appropriate number of 4-14+ weeks per year. You’re free to spend the majority of your time pursuing other professional opportunities and goals.

Enjoy full logistical and operational support for flawless course execution
Concentrate on what you do best in the classroom. We will help you to develop and manage course development, software, and course notes, and all the details necessary to ensure your success in the classroom.

Expand your skills
We encourage your professional growth. You will have the opportunity to audit many of our courses, in or outside your field of expertise. We also provide training and mentoring programs designed to keep your teaching and presentation skills at peak levels. You may even apply to join the ranks of course authors and technical editors. We select all our authors and editors from our instructor corps.

Gain immediate access to the latest advances in a blended teaching model
You have access to all course-specific information, history, and updates. You also have an open line of communication with course authors, technical editors, and product development managers.

Become involved with ESI Consulting Services
The ESI Group offers to consult the opportunity for our instructors to do more than just teaching in a classroom setting. Our instructors provide one-on-one coaching, participate in acceleration workshops, and work with our consulting team to develop managed learning services for schools and organizations.