Enhance students' self-efficacy beliefs and competence.

With the distinct education system and culture of Vietnam, the ESI helps public schools in Vietnam develop some fundamental frameworks and programs based on the framework of ASCA as the first phase of its ongoing research on this education issue.

  • use data to understand student needs;
  • provide school counseling classroom, group, and closing-the-gap interventions;
  • remove systemic barriers to ensure all students have the opportunity to develop academic goals at all grade levels reflecting their abilities and academic interests and can access appropriate rigorous, relevant coursework and experiences; and
  • school counselors can work with students facing mental health issues, family and social problems as well as career exploration and course planning to make school relevant.


Leading students' academic development by a safe and caring school culture.

School counselors play a critical role in ensuring schools provide a safe, caring environment and that students have the necessary mindsets and behaviors to advance academic achievement outcomes. School counselors work collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure equity, access, and academic success of all students.

Academic Development Counseling

ESI partners with educators and school counselors to provide comprehensive learning and career development for young and senior students in K-12 schools and post-secondary educational settings i.e. colleges, universities., and adults.

Learning Abroad Counseling

ESI partners with many educational organizations worldwide seeking quality education programs for Vietnamese students. We offer a full-service package of learning and career development counseling to ensure every family and student we help make the best choice in their academic and future life.