International HR Day 2021: Reinvention

Thursday 20 May 2021 marks the third International HR Day, an initiative led by the European Association for People Management (EAPM). The program recognizes the important role that the HR profession is playing in managing the coronavirus pandemic and shaping future workplaces to better meet individual and organizational needs.

International HR Day is the opportunity to call out the contribution and impact of the people profession. Alongside virtual events to mark the occasion this year, participants will be using #InternationalHRDay across social media platforms to share their experiences.

This crisis has changed our ways of working for the future in fundamental ways. HR Professionals around the world are making a tremendous contribution to supporting people and organizations to adapt to a new normal and ensure employee mental health and wellbeing remain center-stage.

According to Even Bolstad, President of the EAPM and Managing Director of HR Norge, “This is an important time for HR professionals to transform organizations and revitalize how, where and when work gets done, as countries across the world look to reopen their economies and workplaces. HR now has a central role in shaping a new future that will make work more inclusive, fairer, more accessible, built on trust. At this time of global challenge, the profession is stepping up to lead change to improve working lives, and not slip back into traditional ways of thinking and working. We are building an exciting future that will be flexible, participative, one which will benefit workers, organizations, and society as a whole.”

Let’s learn what HR leaders across the world share their perspectives on the HR professional role in the new normal context– gathering information from SHRM and HR Online.

ESI Institute of Management

ESI Institute of Management

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