ISO International Human Resource Management Standards

In 2011, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) formed a Technical Committee (TC 260) to develop human resource management standards to offer broad, coordinating guidance for organisations in aligning and streamlining their HR practices for their own benefit as well as their stakeholders.

These standards codify organisational guidelines, processes, practices and systems in people management and development. They are being developed by experts representing 30 member countries, including two experts nominated by the CIPD to represent the UK. These human resource management standards have been developed and published by ISO TC260:

  • ISO 30400 Human resource management – Vocabulary: Presents the fundamental terms used in this suite of human resource management standards.
  • ISO 30401 Knowledge management systems: The requirements for effective organisational knowledge management.
  • ISO 30405 Human resource management – Guidelines on recruitment: Effective recruitment processes and procedures for anyone involved in recruiting.
  • ISO/TR 30406 Human resource management – Sustainable employability management for organizations: Guiding principles for developing and implementing sustainable employability policies.
  • ISO/TS 30407 Human resource management– Cost-per-hire: Measures to determine the economic value of the effort taken to fill vacancies.
  • ISO 30408 Human resource management – Guidelines on human governance: Guidelines on structuring an effective and responsive organisational human governance system that fosters increased collaboration across all stakeholders.
  • ISO 30409 Human resource management – Workforce planning: Guidelines to help organisations respond effectively to their current and projected workforce requirements.
  • ISO/TS 30410 Human resource management – Impact of hire metrics: Principles to determine the impact of critical positions on organisational performance.
  • ISO/TS 30411 Human resource management – Quality of hire metrics: Options to measure the quality of hire.
  • ISO 30414 Human resource management – Human capital reporting: Guidelines for organisations on the transparent human capital reporting for internal and external stakeholders.

Standards that TC260 workgroups are actively developing include:

  • ISO 30415 Diversity and inclusion.
  • ISO 30421 Turnover and retention.
  • ISO 30### Employee engagement.
  • ISO 30422 Learning and development.
  • ISO 30426 Compensation system.
  • ISO 30434 Workforce allocation.
  • ISO/AWI 10667: Assessment service delivery (part 1 and part 2)

There are also several Technical Specifications being developed to support the human capital reporting metrics relating to organisational culture; occupational health and safety; compliance and ethics; leadership; recruitment; succession planning; productivity and costs that are identified in ISO 30414.

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