Performance Management in Schools

The school quality assurance system provides all school stakeholders with meaningful quality compliance tools that help schools achieve strategic goals – enhancing schoolwide effectiveness and ongoing improvement. School administrators’ and teachers’ performance appraisal is an ongoing process used for identifying, measuring, and developing an individual’s performance in accordance with the school’s strategic objectives and goals.

In Vietnam, enhancing academic achievement and providing a quality educational experience for all students have been recognized as the key factors of school’s effectiveness. This course focuses on the historical foundations and theories of performance management, school administrators and teachers’ performance appraisal within Vietnam education context.

This course also provides key features and the issues associated with developing and implementing an effective performance appraisal system, as well as the challenges and opportunities afforded by performance appraisal and its associated measurement tools (such as KPIs).

By the end of the course learners will be expected to:

  • Understand key definitions of performance management and performance appraisal system within Vietnam education context.
  • Understand the schoolwide strategies e.g. objectives and goals for evaluating teaching and learning quality as well as staff’s performance.
  • Ability to develop and implement KPIs in the performance appraisal process in schools.

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